Thursday, 11 September 2008

Your a sucker

Children these days who would have them? We have recently arrived back from our yearly family holiday having toured for 12 days around bonnie Scotland doing over 2000 miles in the process!

Our small or should I say wee laddie Robert came out with a comment at Blair Atholl castle as we were passing a piper playing his bagpipes your a sucker he said, ROBERT do not be so rude you naughty little boy I replied, thankfully the piper did not hear him! I said why use a comment like that? Robert said well dad he is a sucker a man in a dress sucking his instrument! No Robert you are wrong lad that man is not sucking those bagpipes he is blowing them and his dress is the Scottish national dress which is actually called a kilt, Oh right dad so he is a blower then Robert replied. So now somebody who appears a little out of the ordinary to Robert is no longer commented to as your a sucker it is your a blower instead! Have I started a new trend?

Kids who would have them? ;-)

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