Monday, 15 September 2008

Health and Safety important but wow how boring!

Health & Safety is a tremendously important issue not only within the workplace but also in all areas and aspects of life. Myself I did a year long course on the subject back at the turn of the century plus I have attended a few one day health & safety refresher courses. The point of discussion that I am bringing up although is on a personal basis when I did my main course I found the subject of health & safety to be extremely boring, and although I am not guilty of falling asleep during lectures it is not an exaggeration to say that it was not a rare event to start hearing snoring in the class room! Even the lecturer admitted on more that one occasion that it was the most boring subject to teach. I would be interested in hearing other peoples opinions or views on this subject, could it have been the lecturers fault and the way that he taught the subject as if he found it a boring subject then obviously this can not have helped his teaching style! Or is it just a plain boring subject?

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