Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Give your employees a treat remove the staff toilet door!

Many years ago when I worked in the building industry we acquired a job to renovate a factory. Part of the job was to include building new toilet cubicles for all the shop floor workers; upon examining the plans we discovered that there was no provision for doors on these toilet cubicles! We approached the factory MD over this matter and he confirmed that he did not want any doors fitting on the new toilet cubicles.

He went on to explain that many years previously when he had being an apprentice in Coventry that many of the workers used to take their newspapers and lock themselves away in the toilets for half an hour or more at a time and he did not wish to encourage this practice with in his own factory. He said that if staff wanted to use the toilet then they should go, do their business and get straight back to their stations toilet doors would just encourage them to skive!

What do you think about this? have you come across anything similar?

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