Saturday, 6 September 2008

Banana fritters for that more rounded cuddly figure

One of my favourite after dinner desserts is a banana fritter covered in tasty golden syrup.

A great little bonus if you make them yourself is the scrumps/scraps/bits that are left over in the deep fat fryer to scoop into your bowl. Banana fritters really are great for those of you who need to put on a few extra pounds! The pounds increase oh so rapidly if eaten on a regular basis, in no time at all you can change from being a twiggy figure to a couch potato!

The recipe for banana fritters follows

Batter mix

4 ozs plain flour
Pinch of salt
1 egg
1/4 of a pint of milk and water mixed
1 dessertspoon of vegetable oil


Prepare the batter by mixing very little because over beating tends to make an elastic batter that will not adhere very well to the bananas. Once prepared then place in a cold spot preferably a fridge, do this around half an hour before you require using it.

The only other ingredient that you need for banana fritters is the bananas themselves.

To prepare the bananas they need peeling and slicing. I usually cut them in half and then slice each half into two, giving four slices in total. Next you need to dip your banana slices into the pre prepared batter and carefully drop them into your deep fat fryer. Be careful on health and safety grounds not to burn yourself at this point, I always use a set of tongues to carry out this operation. After about 8-10 mins once the batter as turned into a lovely golden brown colour the banana fritters are ready to be removed from your deep fat fryer and served up. Myself I prefer about a desert spoon full of golden syrup poured on the top of each fritter.

You can now sit back and enjoy a thoroughly tasty dish! Well that's what I think anyway!

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bricogirl said...

Yum. We had these a lot in French Guyana and they are yummy it's true. If you need some more fat, here's a zucchini fritters recipe guaranteed to fill out those skinny thighs.

Franchise Business Advice said...

Hi Bricogirl,

I have never tried zucchini fritters but will have to now that you have introduced me.