Sunday, 7 September 2008

Public Toilets Critically Endangered Species

It as become evident to me over the past seven years of the rapid demise of the public toilet. I spend a lot of my working life leaflet dropping, delivering circulars through class 1, 2 and 3 properties. There as been many occasions particularly on cold drafty days that my lower body suddenly phones up above and says quick we have another urgent job to attend to! I usually act on this phone call pretty rapidly and head back to the car to go in search of the critically endangered species the public toilet. Often although I have to travel mile upon mile to find one and even sometimes when I finally get there it is to late it as died, many that I used to know of have been chained up and boarded waiting to be put in their final resting place! My own small town used to have 4 but now there is only one left and that one is in the most inconvenient place imaginable!

It wouldn't be quite so bad you would think living and working in a rural location, but a few years ago most of the hedges were taken down from around the fields so it is not that easy even to find a private spot out in the country side. Where there are hedges you then often have the inconvenience of a blasted scarecrow gawping at you! Just how inconvenient can it get?

What ever happened to spend a penny there is no place left to spend one if you are keen and eager to spend one.

I regularly hear about critically endangered species but I have never yet heard of the public toilet been placed on this list. Is it still thriving in other areas? Is it just rural Lincolnshire where it is vanishing? Please is there someone that can do something about it and stop this demise before it is to late? and make my business life a little more bearable.

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