Friday, 5 September 2008

Ex Military Service Personnel Can They Be Trained As Franchisees?

I have been giving a great deal of thought recently about what classification of individual would make an ideal franchisee and my conclusion is that ex military service personnel would come right up there somewhere near the top of the list if not top itself!

My view is that ex military service personnel with their regimented background would make great students during their initial franchise training as they are moulded to follow instructions to the book.

They would methodically follow the franchise bible or operational manual to the word without questioning its contents.

If the franchisor realized that they were doing something wrong within their franchise business they would gladly take instructions on correct operational techniques without creating a fuss over it.

They would work hard to make a success of their business and not shy away from working long hours if necessary to get their business firmly and quickly established.

Because of their recent military background they would be physically and mentally fit, which these are two of the greatest assets that they would require to succeed as franchisees.

Ex Military Service Personnel make sure that they are always presentable and would take great care in their personal appearance.

Feel free to mention any other assets that ex military service personnel might have that would be beneficial to them becoming a franchisee

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