Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Are Dogs The Most Intelligent Species?

I often wonder when looking at our little dog if there as ever been or ever will be a more intelligent species on our planet. Whilst us humans in many cases feel maybe selfishly that we are the most intelligent I look at our little dog and think who really is the master of this household and who is the slave. He can communicate effectively without the need for words only the odd woof here and there which he as trained us very well to understand and act upon! He as made slaves of us, if he requires water he scrapes his bowl and we come running, the same again if he needs food!, when he wants to go out he stands near the back door and gives us a certain look, we again go running! when he wants to come back inside one mild woof at the door does the trick we run to let him in! About eightish every night he stands near the front door and gives a certain little fascial expression which is recognised and understood as right come on I need to go for a walk!.

From the first day he arrived he as never had to work and he as a life of complete luxury with everyone in the household at his beck and call, we are but slaves around him!

His ancesters certainly new what they were doing when they used to scavenge around our ancesters cave fires they have created an heaven on earth for most of their species where they can enjoy a luxury life of retirement from their first to their last day.

What do you think about of my opinion is it correct?, I can assure people I am not losing the plot!, but I do think that a dogs intelligence is often greatly under estimated!

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